Latin America has become the birthplace of INNOVATION in plastic packaging and is the leader in the number of product launches using new packaging, for this reason the 2nd Latin American Summit on Innovation in Plastic Packaging brings to you a unique academic and educational platform that will gather the main players in the plastic packaging production chain in Latin America  around the central theme of INNOVATION, where you can converse, update and learn about the latest technological and market trends for this dynamic sector.

Participate and reach the opportunity to interact with global leaders of knowledge in innovation in plastic packaging, engage in world-class  conversations and discussions  around the issues that are transforming our industry today.

Latin Americans have all the ingredients to generate ideas that transform the world!

FOCUS 2018

La 2da Cumbre Latinoamericana de Innovación en Envases Plásticos cuenta con un enfoque compuesto por 3 ejes principales:


Technical conferences given by world-class speakers on innovation in packaging.

Success stories, market megatrends, cutting-edge topics and new technological solutions that will transform your business.


Increase your visibility and value in front of the industry's decision-making professionals, consolidate your brand in the sector and increase your prestige as a leading and innovative supplier for the plastic packaging industry.


Relate face to face with the main actors - buyers and suppliers - of the value chain, with the aim of impacting the development and innovation of the plastic packaging industry in Mexico and Latin America.