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One of the most recognized specialists in plastic flexible packaging production in Latin America

In 2014 he was Jury of the prestigious Award DuPont Packaging Innovation.

For 4 decades Eng. Saavedra has held key strategic positions as technical manager, production manager, product development, plant, customer service in Carvajal Flexa S.A. which later became Techpack, and today forms part of Amcor Group.

In recent times he has been advising large multinational converters in aspects such as: innovation, product development, market research, technical service, feasibility of creation of converter companies and training in flexible packaging.

During all those years Eng. Saavedra led different improvement teams, which led him to achieve as one of its greatest strengths innovation in the development of packaging, as well as its analytical capacity and creativity for solving common problems in the plant production of flexible packaging.

The academic training and experience of Eng. Saavedra have led him to successfully implement industrial marketing in the field of flexible plastic packaging.

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