In 2018 El Empaque + Conversión and Tecnología del Plástico, will present the second Latin American Summit on INNOVATION in Plastic Packaging.

Our summit is a UNIQUE academic and commercial platform in Latin America, there is no other event across the continet that is exclusively focused on plastic packaging innovation, that will gather key actors in all the production chain of plastic packaging in Latin America around the main central theme of INNOVATION.

We offer the opportunity to interact with global thought leaders in the subject of plastic packaging innovation; with an opportunity to have a conversation and discuss at a world-class level, the issues that are currently transforming our industry.


The second Latin American Summit on INNOVATION in Plastic Packaging will continue to honor its value commitment to gather some of THE MOST QUALIFIED AND INFLUENTIAL VOICES IN THE FIELD OF PACKAGING INNOVATION under the same roof, from design agencies specialized in branding and packaging, consumer packed goods companies, packaging development departments from large retail chains, packaging converting companies, machinery and raw materials suppliers, renowned plastic research institutes and other notable organizations related to the packaging sector in Latin American and the world.

We will provide also, a HIGLY ATTRACTIVE 2 DAYS EXHIBITOR PLATFORM where global technology providers (key machinery, auxiliary equipment and raw materials, as well as for innovative products from plastic packaging converting companies) can showcase their technologies and interact with Latin American key players of the value chain.

Decision-makers, suppliers and leaders, let´s come together in order to find
that will help us face
the challenge of continuous innovation.


“There are many events in the packaging industry, but this one, and on its first edition, has created a space for an elevated, world-class conversation. Congratulations! I was impressed by the number of attendees, as well as the quality of the speakers and the addressed topics”

Ronald D. Sasine Former Director of Packaging for Private Brands at Walmart and International Consultant, Hudson Windsor. USA

“An excellent event, with broad focus on innovation for different types of packaging, flexible and rigid”

Oswaldo Piña Ube Mexico, Mexico.

“I was very impressed with the quality of the conference schedule developed by Carvajal. This is a world-class event. Congratulations on a well-organized, well-produced and well-received event, with the featured participation of world-class thought leaders from packed consumer goods companies, packaging converters, packaging designers and consultants of nearly a dozen different countries. It was a fantastic event, and a great experience”

David Luttenberger Global Packaging Director at Mintel, USA.

“The keynote speakers exhibited complete knowledge of innovation in plastic containers, which makes up for a very important reason to continue attending. The event gave paramount attention to logistics, punctuality and precision”

Arturo Castañeda Gutiérrez Sealed Air, Mexico

“The keynote speeches accompanied by case studies, examples and relevant industry experiences  were of great value. Congratulations! An impeccable organization. Excellent speakers, themes and messages”

Ana Beatriz López Cosalco – Costa Rica

“I consider this was a great event. Very well-organized, and it was an honor to have participated. The issues addressed were very interesting, open and ideal in order to grasp new information. It is a very good idea to leverage innovation and bring together a group of people under the same roof to talk about new possibilities. Therefore, if this is a point of reference for packaging innovation in Latin America, they are heading in the right direction”

Andy Hobsbawm Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Everythng, England.

“Not only I was impressed by the quality of the conference and the speakers, but also by the size of the audience (about 250 people). This shows great interest for innovation in Latin America”

Dr. Michael Thielen Editor in Chief at Bioplastics Magazine, Germany


Inició la Cumbre Latinoamericana de Innovación en Envases Plásticos

Ciudad de México, México - Marzo de 2017

Los días 01 y 02 de marzo se está realizando la primera edición de esta cumbre que tiene como sede el centro de convenciones WTC, en Ciudad de México.

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Consumidores: en el centro de la innovación en empaques

Ciudad de México, México - Marzo de 2017

Actualmente, el consumidor es el centro ya que los fabricantes tienen la misión de satisfacer sus exigencias en un mercado cada vez más competido.

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La industria del envase en la cuarta revolución industrial

Ciudad de México, México - Marzo de 2017

Respecto a la Industria 4.0, el mercado de envases tiene visibles diferentes retos y oportunidades, según conferencistas de la Cumbre en Envases Plásticos.

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Puraqua, pionera en Brasil en emplear plástico ‘verde’ en tapas de botellas

Febrero de 2017

Las nuevas botellas cuentan con el sello I'm GreenT, que aparece en ambas partes del envase. Este producto se comercializa, por ahora, únicamente en Brasil.

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Be part of the SUMMIT, and learn about NEW TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS
and INNOVATIONS for the plastic packaging.